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Smart Design in Residential Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Residential Drainage and Irrigation Systems

Properly managing the water in and around your home is of critical importance to the beauty and security of your property.

Problems with water drainage or improperly installed sprinkler systems can lead to serious problems such as flooded basements, parched lawns and insect and pest control problems.  That’s why the design and installation of your residential drainage and irrigation system should be left to well-trained professionals. Here are a few ideas that will enhance the beauty of your property, protect your home’s plants and vegetation, and save you money by not spending it on repairing costly water damage.

  1. Plant a water garden

Residential Drainage and Irrigation System and Water Gardens

Water Gardens

Perhaps nothing adds more beauty and tranquility to your yard than installing a beautiful water garden.

It’s a myth that water gardens are only for the rich and famous. In fact, we install water gardens in many smaller lots by creating an 8-inch depression in the ground and planting only water-loving plants in that space.

These plants thrive in the lowest point on your property where their root systems naturally soak up the water.  While water collects in your beautiful water garden, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your new feature is also preventing harmful water damage below the surface.

  1. Install a sprinkler system

The summer season is very short in Chicago, and there are a million other things you could be doing with your time other than hauling a

Residential Drainage and Irrigation System

Install a sprinkler system by Allscape

hose and sprinkler around your property to water the parched grass and vegetation.  Not only will you save time, you can also save money by taking advantage of the many environmental options available today that will use water sparingly and still allow the right amount of moisture to fall on your grass, trees and plants.

  1. Design an Effective Drainage System

By effectively moving water away from your home’s foundation, you eliminate a myriad of problems including: unwanted mosquitos that love standing water, a flooded basement after a heavy rain, and even dangerous ice formations outside an entry way during the winter months.  You can achieve the most effective results from installing outdoor sump pumps, French drains and corrugated pipe in your yard.  Here’s how they work.

Design an Effective Drainage System

French drains

Outdoor sump pumps can transport water from a low point on your property to a more elevated location. Gutter downspouts collect water during a heavy rain and then send it away through buried corrugated drainpipe.  French drains can also send water away from the surface of your yard through a hole filled with gravel in the ground. One hint water is not being effectively managed in your property is if your indoor sump continuously runs during dry weather, or even burns out because of overuse. Both of these signs mean your current sump pump is trying too hard to remove the same water over and over again.

If you believe you have water issues around your property, then it’s time to call the trained professionals at Allscape, Chicago’s premier landscaping and design firm. We start by performing a complete evaluation of your property, and then we design a smart residential drainage and irrigation system that will drive the water away and enhance your home’s outdoor beauty at the same time.

If you are looking to install an effective residential drainage and irrigation system, then contact Allscape, at (847) 769-9529 or schedule your free consultation by clicking here.