Illinois Lawn Care

Lawn Care in Northern Illinois

To have the perfect lawn requires a lot of work in Illinois. Here is a step by step list of those activities.

  1. Spring lawn dethatching to remove dead grass and mold. This will allow new growth to emerge sooner.

  2. Spring, and or fall, aeration, to break up the root mat under the grass and allow grass roots to go deeper.

  3. Early spring fertilization and pre- emergent weed control. This is the most important step in a great lawn.

  4. Weekly cross cut lawn mowing, edging, blow off, and debris removal. Mulching up lawn clippings on top of your lawn only spreads weeds unless your property is 100% weed free. A lot of landscape companies try to sell the idea of mulching grass clippings because it makes the job easier and they can sell their service at lower prices. It costs more money to remove the clippings but that is the right way to have a great lawn.

  5. Late spring Fertilization and post emergent weed control. This is another very important step weed control is the biggest problem for all home owners.

  6. Summer Fertilization and post emergent weed control. Again weed control is required.

  7. Fall Fertilization helps to build up lawn strength before its dormancy over the winter.

  8. Over seed to make lawn thicker will depend on the condition of your lawn. A lawn that has followed these steps for a couple of years can get to the point that it may not need any over seeding.

  9. Lastly all lawns need water. Lawns thrive in the temperature range of 40 to 70 as long as there is sunshine. Outside of this temperature range lawns will go into dormancy as a protective measure. So after we reach 70 degrees all lawns require water on a regular basis. It is not that the grass wants to drink up that much water but it needs to have moisture in the soil to evaporate past the grass which cools it off to a temperature below 70 degrees.

Lawn sprinkler systems are indispensable for the application of water on a regular basis. If you have a lawn sprinkler system you can have nature friendly fertilization and pest control systems added to your sprinkler system as well saving all the labor involved in these two services. However there is no way to spray weed preventative or weed killer through your sprinkler system as these chemicals are very dangerous.