Spring Clean Up in Illinois

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up of your property is the beginning of the landscape season. All properties should have a complete spring clean-up every year. After the snow melts away it will reveal litter and organic debris that need to be cleaned up just to make your property presentable to you and your neighbors. But, just cleaning up the mess is not all that should be done at this time.

A professional spring clean-up will also include dethatching to remove dead grass and mold and allow new growth. All beds should be turned over, even mulched beds unless they have a weed barrier with decorative rock.

Bed turn over aerates the soil and deters weed growth. Trimming to remove dead growth and suckers on trees and bushes encourages healthy spring growth. Weed preventative and fertilizer for lawn and beds to ensure good spring growth. And finally remove all debris associated with the spring clean- up.

Spring clean-up not only shows pride in your neighborhood but helps your landscape to thrive.  If all of this sounds like more than what you want to do, go to to request have a quote, to get this work done.