Fall Clean Up in Illinois

Fall Clean Up

Fall clean- up is just as important as spring clean- up. It may seem redundant but here in Illinois there is a fall season that creates a lot of organic debris, mostly branches and leaves. But there is more to fall clean up than just cleaning up leaves.

A professional landscape company will also trim all perennials down to 6 to 12 inches and remove the trimmed debris. Also trim all dead growth and suckers on trees and bushes to make it easier for plants to survive the winter. The timing of fall clean- up depends on the weather, but I suggest waiting until the last few leaves are left on your trees before starting fall clean up.\

The result in ignoring this work thinking that spring clean- up will take care of it encourages animals line mice rats moles and chipmunks to make a winter home on your property, resulting in damaged landscape due to nesting and urination. Not to mention the damage that they can do to hardscape and foundations. It also discourages healthy return of perennials due to perennials trying to keep more plant material alive that is already in an unhealthy condition.

If this sounds like a too much work for you call us for a quote for your fall clean up.