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We are the premiere full service landscape Deck and Patio Company in northern Il. Why choose Allscape Inc. We are experts in all forms of hardscape. We do deck design, patio design, walkway design, retention wall design, and driveway design..

We have customers all over the Northern Illinois locations.

Allscape Deck and Patio Design, Sales and ServiceWalkways and driveways are the paths to our homes. Everyone that comes to your house sees them first. Even Before they ever step into your house. Its, no wonder why people spend so much money on the way they look.

Allscape can design, install, repair, and maintain any; wood deck, composite deck, aluminum deck, paver brick patios paver brick walkway, paver brick driveway, flag stone patio, flag stone walkway, blue stone patio, blue stone walkway, cut stone retention wall, granite boulder retention wall, stone retention wall, or wooden retention wall.


Hardscape Materials

Landscape Deck and Patio

Built from materials such as wood, stone, composite, brick, and aluminum.
Hardscape Materials



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