We called Joe at Allscape when we were upset by our current sprinkler companies poor service. He came out and addressed all of our concerns the same day. After he was finished the system was better than the original install. We decided to have Joe design and install landscape lighting. He had the job completed 3 days later and we love the results! He has really designed a perfect balance of light on our trees and house. It has been 5 years now and we are still referring friends and family.


We met Joe through his sprinkler work. After a couple seasons we asked him about our cracked concrete step by the front door. He said he could install flag stone set in concrete to cover the crack and dramatically improve the entrance. With the extra scrap stone he built a small stone patio in the back corner of our yard with a fire pit. When he was finished he had encompassed a small tree on one side of the patio and to balance it he put in a small stone planter on the opposite side of the patio. It has been 5 years now and everything still looks great!


We first met Joe at Allscape through a neighbor’s referral. After getting bids we decided to go with Joe because his bid described watering all beds and grass for just a little bit more than the other bid that only described watering the grass. He completed the job in one day and the system pumping off the lake was very impressive and it definitely covers the whole property.

After seeing the results we talked to Joe about other concerns on our property. He described how he could take the old brick fire pit in the center of our patio that was falling apart and repair the brick, turn it into a pond with new cap stones and install a 4-tier lions head fountain with 4 lights in the base. We accepted the bid and loved the results so much we asked Joe to add 4 more lights in the base and 10 more in the other 3 levels. He warned us of the complexity since the fountain was not designed for this; but he made it happen. At night it is truly breath taking. Next we had Joe design and install landscape lighting, of course we were very satisfied.

Next we had Joe stain our concrete patio and sidewalks. We then had Joe convert some colored bottles my wife found into lights we hung around our patio bar. Finally we had Joe design and build a water curtain that falls from our hanging deck to our patio surrounding the bar; again it came out perfectly! He even put lights in the bases under the water and covered them with colored glass so at night red and yellow light sparkles.


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