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Hi! I’m Joe Zeno. Thanks for stopping by. Why choose Allscape Services for your landscape need, because of our long company history, our strong work philosophy, and free estimates. Allscape Services has published many landscaping articles that help home owners make better decision.

Allscape Landscape Design, Installation, and Service Sprinkler, Drainage, Lighting
I started Allscape Services in 1997 with the vision that one day I would have a full service landscape company. I started out by installing, and servicing Irrigation Systems, and low voltage lighting.

Over the years the company has grown; currently we are close to 1000 satisfied customers, almost 900 lawn sprinkler customers and over 500 landscape lighting customers in homes all over the Northern Illinois locations.

Landscape Drainage

Landscape Drainage

We solve lawn drainage problems. We are a full service landscape drainage company. When our drainage experts do your drainage system design, and installation your water problem will be gone.

Out door sump pump pits can move water from the lowest spot on the property and send it to a desirable spot to get rid of it.

Corrugated drain pipe is used to collect water from gutter down spouts, around window wells, sump pump ejection, and low spots in the yard.

French drains are one way to solve drainage problems. They move the water from the surface to a gravel filled hole in the ground.

Water gardens are the greenest way to solve drainage issues. Some cities will pay you to put in a water garden. Learn more about drainage

Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Irrigation

Allscape Services is a full service landscape and lawn sprinkler company in northern Il. We provide sprinkler turn on service and RPZ certification in the spring,,and blow out service in the fall.

Not every company builds a lawn sprinkler system the same way. There are many ways of building that can affect the quality of an irrigation system.

There are 2 good reasons to use drip irrigation; first, when dealing with low water pressure because it uses very few gallons per minute. And second, when the water supply is from a well with high iron content, it will prevent the orange staining of all nearby surfaces.

Illinois require sprinkler system to have an RPZ back flow device, be inspected, and certified every year.

Allscape's Lawn Sprinkler Can Service Any Irrigation System. Learn more about irrigation or Irrigation Startup

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting

We design and install landscape lighting using a combination of lighting techniques, like Architectural lighting, Deck lighting, Patio lighting, Moon lighting, Path lighting and Water lighting. Our outdoor lighting system add security.

Allscape repairs and maintains, low voltage lighting system. Our service techs are familiar with LED landscape lighting, Halogen landscape lighting, Fiber optic landscape lighting, and Laser landscape lighting. We can convert your lighting system to LED lighting, drastically reducing power usage.

We create a truly beautiful landscape lighting that comes with a 5 year parts guarantee. Allscape service techs install new lights, repair old lights, trouble shoot electrical and change all bulbs.

Landscape Lawn Care

Landscape lawn Care

Our landscape programs have maintenance flexibility to meet the needs of any customer. We provide edging, trimming, pruning, aeration, dethatching, and spring and fall clean ups. We do not provide grass cutting.

No matter what your landscaping needs are, you can count on our professional landscaping crews to give your property the care that you require. Allscape is one of the few full service landscapers that pay attention to details.

Our landscaping service comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Allscape not only guarantees your satisfaction for our landscape service, We also guarantee all systems that are on your property; so if our landscape maintenance service does damage to your lawn, plants, underground sprinkler system, outdoor lighting system or invisible dog fence, we will replace or repair it for free. Learn more about lawn care


Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Allscape design time is always free, as long as we do the installation. You can send pictures with a plat of survey, and we can make a 3D design representation of your project so you can see your design on a computer in 3d like a video game.

Allscape Services is your best choice for Landscape design, Hardscape design, Water Feature design, Lawn sprinkler design, Deck design, patio design, drainage design and landscape lighting design. We do residential landscape designs and commercial landscape designs.

The best part of using Allscape Services is that we know how to do it all, so there won’t be any complications with underground systems on your property; like Landscape lighting, Dog fence, Cable TV, and Lawn sprinklers.

Complimentary Landscape Design Services. Learn more about landscape design

Landscape Water Features

Landscape Water Features

Allscape can design, install, repair, and maintain any water feature. We provide fountain and pond opening, closing, and cleanings. We offer chemical advice and implementation.

We are the Northern Illinois water feature experts. We create water features, which include pond design, waterfall design, and fountain design. With our trained service technicians we service ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.

Ponds and Fountains are a very popular water feature. They are used to enhance entrances, decks, patios, ponds, lakes, and gardens. Larger floating fountains are used in ponds, and lakes to oxygenate the water, deterring algae and mosquitoes.

Outdoor waterfalls are a great addition to any landscape. They can be used as a focal point any place on your property. We prefer to place the waterfalls on your property in a way that looks most natural, like backed up to the edge of a tree line or retention wall. Learn more about water features

Landscape Desks & Patios

Landscape Decks and Patios

If you want to bring the outdoors into your life style, nothing works better than a custom designed deck or patio. Decks and patios add value, because they add living space.

We are experts in all forms of hardscape. We do deck design, patio design, walkway design, retention wall design, and driveway design.

Walkways and driveways are the paths to our homes. Everyone that comes to your house sees them first. Even Before they ever step into your house. Its, no wonder why people spend so much money on the way they look.

We do deck installation, patio installation, walkway installation, retention wall installation, and driveway. Learn more about decks & patios

Landscape Hardscapes

Landscape Hardscapes

Allscape can design, install, repair, and maintain any brick or stone patio, sidewalk or driveway. We also build and repair wood, concrete, and stone retention walls.

Allscape can design, install, repair, and maintain any; wood deck, composite deck, aluminum deck, paver brick patios paver brick walkway, paver brick driveway, flag stone patio, flag stone walkway, blue stone patio, blue stone walkway, cut stone retention wall, granite boulder retention wall, stone retention wall, or wood retention wall.

Most paved surface problems come because there is insufficient time and material put into the base. When we build or repair any paved surface we set the base deep enough to reach hard compacted soil not just the top soil. And then compact it layer by layer to assure a solid base. Learn more about hardscapes


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